Byl Holte
3 min readFeb 16, 2022


My friends, a wise man once said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”, and right now, here, in America, we are fulfilling that dire prophecy at breakneck speed! We are literally DOING NOTHING to stop the Biden regime from destroying America!

So to you I ask just two questions:

1 — Why is Canada doing OUR JOB of restoring freedom, and

2 — Why is Biden not supporting them?!

Justin Trudeau just took off his Blackface to reveal the face of an authoritarian dictator who has no love for the people in his charge.

And America remains silent.

For 26 days, Canadian truckers have stood strong in freezing temperatures against a vaccine mandate that is both cruel and unconstitutional, and Trudeau’s only response has been to STRIKE BACK at them rather than negotiate. He has tried to take away their gas, he has outlawed food deliveries from supporters, and now he’s using emergency powers to stop their funding and maybe even freeze their bank accounts! This is what a wimp does, not a democratic leader.


Joe Biden’s White House has refused to denounce Canada’s rapid slide into authoritarianism and that, to me, is troubling because it means AMERICA IS NEXT.

And this should trouble you too.

Since 2020 Democrats have used their “shamdemic” to lock us in our homes, force us to wear masks, keep our kids out of schools, close our churches, destroy entire business industries, and any number of other freedom-stealing ventures — and we were powerless to resist. At first, this was all directed against President Trump, and we thought it would end once he gained re-election.


Democrats stole everything — and now it’s all falling down on us. From mask mandates that hurt our children, to vaccine mandates that cost people their jobs, everything they do is AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE — and that alone should be enough for us to rise up and fight back.

So why haven’t we?

Currently there’s talk of a US trucker convoy starting in March, but the hesitation is concerning. Truckers have shown us that it is they who really have the power in any country, and here they are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy. In fact, nearly every good consumed in the U.S. is put on a truck at some point.

So why no protest like in Canada?

Is the Democrat Party putting pressure on the unions?

Is the corruption so deep that everyone is afraid to fight back?

Are we no longer the people we were in 1776 when we fought the British over our rights and freedoms?

I don’t know. Republicans should have been up in arms a year ago, but nothing happened (as usual) and that tells me that we have MORE RINOs than actual die-hard conservative Republicans in office.

Sad, because WE REPUBLICANS now know that the Democrats have us on the extinction list , and we’re not alone anymore. What Trudeau has done — and with Joe Biden’s tacit blessing— has shown us all that none of us are important in the new Democrat world order.

Not Republicans, Not Independents, not even Democrats!

And that’s why we’ve got to get FIRED UP AND MOVING to save this country!