In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that MOTHERLOVE is the most primal instinct in human history. It transcends race, it transcends nationality, it transcends generation and, as Virginia just showed us, it absolutely transcends political ideology. But that love runs even deeper for us Conservative parents because mixed in with that love is love of COUNTRY, love of FREEDOM, and love of THE CONSTITUTIONAL VALUES that make this country great. We pass all that along to our children — and Joe Biden wants to end that.

So when Biden says I HAVE TO get my children vaccinated against Covid, red flags go up.

When Democrat-run school systems want to teach my kids racism, alarm bells go off.

When Democrats want to normalize child sex behavior, I reach for my 2nd amendment!

And when Biden’s DOJ has the nerve to target parents AS TERRORISTS, that’s when the gloves come off!

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik recently called Republicans “the Party of Parents”, and with that she nailed it. We don’t play party politics with our children's’ futures; we want the same traditional values and education taught to them as we have always had for 245 years. That’s why they call us CONSERVATIVE.

So in this moment we must answer the rallying call to actio n and push forward with the fortitude that Virginia just demonstrated, because this administration doesn't care about us or our needs. It’s provable in every EO, every speech, every mandate.

The AMERICA Joe Biden wants is not the AMERICA we fought for and built; it’s a Socialist nightmare where nobody has anything except the government and our children belong to the State.

My parents taught us to be early to everything. That’s why, in this moment, I am going to be EARLY in the fight against this administration and its anti-American assault on our civil liberties and our kids, and I ask all you patriots to join me in this battle.




Anti-Woke Pundit :-)

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Byl Holte

Byl Holte

Anti-Woke Pundit :-)

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