Byl Holte
2 min readDec 3, 2021

November 3, 2020 is the day voting died for a lot of us Americans.

And no, it’s not because Trump lost, it’s because Biden won.

Biden, a career politician who never did anything notable in an almost 50-year career;

Biden, a career politician who had run for president twice before and lost spectacularly;

Biden, who didn’t even bother to run an on the ground campaign but instead ran from his basement;

Biden, whose entire platform was “vote for me because I'm not the other guy”;

Biden, whose every speech suggested a man deep in the throes of mental decline.

Biden, who never could have won against any other SERIOUS candidate of any party at any time other than now, somehow managed to beat the most popular president in history, the president whose speeches filled stadiums.

And with that, election integrity went out the window.

Because if Joe Biden is in the White House, something went horribly wrong. That “something” was the Democrats’ Covid Agenda.

Those of us who were paying attention last year could see the Biden coup coming a mile away, but we never thought they’d go as far as they did (and we never guessed how deep the fix was in). From the moment Nancy Pelosi started monkeying around with in-person voting (in the name of keeping you safe from Covid), election integrity was doomed.

Absentee voting, ballot drop boxes, voter ID changes, absentee ballot requests and early in-person voting were just some of the changes implemented to make voting outside the polling place and hours more viable, and as a Constitutional Conservative it was painful for me (as I’m sure it was to you as well) to watch it happen and to be unable to stop it.

And if they could do it once, they can do it every time thereafter — FOR ANY AND EVERY ELECTION.

This is why even today, Biden and the Democrats are strutting around and shamelessly dismantling our great nation like they don’t even think they need us to vote for them anymore, and that’s troubling.

The Democrats’ assault on election security is a call to political action for every Conservative who feels their vote has been permanently devalued, every Conservative who loves this country and the framework it was founded on, every Conservative who wants America to stay free of governmental overreach and tyranny.

If we want to continue to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we must not stand idly by. We cannot afford to.