The poet Dante Alighieri once said,

Well my friends, we have reached those times and we cannot afford to remain neutral.

The Biden Administration has revealed itself to be an “enemy both foreign and domestic” with its policies that tend to emphasize helping other countries while harming our own. Example: while America suffers from self-inflicted oil shortages caused by Biden’s pipeline shutdown, Russia grows strong with oil leases enabled by him.

We cannot afford to remain neutral.

Tomorrow begins a travel ban on African countries that, just last year under Trump, Democrats called “xenophobic and racist” because the ban targets largely Black countries.

And this while allowing illegal immigrants from 168 countries to come here via our open southern border!

And all (allegedly) in the name of stopping the spread of a variant that, at this point, is said to be so mild as to be mostly unnoticeable. Can more lockdowns be far behind?

We cannot afford to remain neutral.

Under this president we’re seeing inflation hit a 31-year high at the time when Americans spend most — the holiday season. And this government’s response? “Be grateful you have the money to buy as much as you do”. When our leadership is this apathetic about the concerns of taxpaying Americans…

We cannot afford to remain neutral.

And now, when two court rulings have HALTED Biden’s vaccine mandates (which will put Americans out of work at Christmastime), the White House has still gone forward with telling businesses to force compliance on their employees — effectively ignoring the rule of law to put forth their own hurtful authoritarian agenda.

We cannot afford to remain neutral.


All around the world the “huddled masses are yearning to breathe free” without a mask. People are standing up and marching for their rights to be free of overreaching government and to not be forced to inject an unknown chemical into their bodies. Parents are speaking out on behalf of their children to not be forced to wear masks and be vaccinated against a virus they rarely contract.

WE CONSERVATIVES ARE NOT REMAINING NEUTRAL, because an America that is not free becomes “the hottest seat” in a hell of our own making; one in which we have no freedom because we remained neutral and watched as government stole our Constitutional and God-given rights away from us.



Anti-Woke Pundit :-)

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