AMERICA…can dream again.

It’s been a long 10 months during which average taxpaying Conservatives have had to endure:

  • Being targeted by our government;
  • Freedom-cancelling Covid mandates;
  • Attacks on our children’s health and development;
  • A massive and ongoing border invasion;
  • Americans killed and/or left behind in Afghanistan;
  • The resurgence of the Taliban;
  • Rising gas prices and;
  • Empty store shelves.

And all because Joe Biden stole an election.

But Americans can dream again now because last night a miracle happened: Democrats lost an election they really needed to win.

Virginia spoke out loud and clear against Biden and his destructive regime by voting in Glenn Youngkin as Governor, Winsome Sears as the first woman of color Lieutenant Governor, and Jason Miyares as the first Cuban Attorney General — ALL THREE REPUBLICANS!

Because of 2020 a lot of us had given up on the idea of fair elections ever happening again and, in truth, many of us were never going to vote again because we felt so cheated.

Now we can HOPE again.

Against all predictable odds we took back the great state of Virginia NOT because of political rhetoric, but because the way we love our children transcends ALL POLITICAL IDEOLOGIES!

We won because we will not allow THE STATE to own and indoctrinate our children.

We DO NOT WANT our children sacrificed on the alter of Critical Race Theory or in the name of Covid “safety”.

We love our children MORE than we love our politics and we will fight for them under any and all circumstances!

So today I celebrate this great nation and its voting system and welcome you to heel hopeful again about a future that will be BRIGHT RED (and maybe even have a little BLUE mixed into it), because what America LOVES is stronger than what we hate.

And because of that…AMERICANS CAN DREAM AGAIN!




Anti-Woke Pundit :-)

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Byl Holte

Byl Holte

Anti-Woke Pundit :-)

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