ECHO — Not “Super” and definitely NOT A HERO!

Byl Holte
3 min readJan 10, 2024
Echo has one emotion: PISSED OFF!

One of the very first things Echo does in the new self-titled Disney series is blow up an armory.

She doesn't care how many people she killed, and she doesn't care.

She just needs you to know that she's ANGRY and POWERFUL.

This is where Disney went wrong — where they always go wrong — and why they've lost $9 BILLION in one year doing it.

People cry when you call it the M-SHE-U but here’s why that’s accurate:

The MCU was about morally centered MEN risking it all to save innocent people. They were always brave and strong and willing to sacrifice their lives on saving people.

The M-SHE-U is about women being powerful SOLELY for their own benefit. They need you to know that THEY were always the strong ones, not the men. They need you to believe that MALE STRENGTH AND ACCOMPLISHMENT was just a trick of the patriarchy.

Obviously, it wasn't.

Maya “Echo” Lopez is not a hero, or even a SHE-RO. She’s not trying to SAVE anyone.

In the comics, she was an assassin who worked for The Kingpin. In the series, she’s a pissed-off, one-legged, deaf mute who has a larger body count than Covid.

That’s because leftist Hollywood likes to celebrate THE BAD GUY now. To them, the villain is just a misunderstood hero.

Again, Echo is NOT a hero.

In the series, she’s a villain who’s only raison d’etre is to get revenge on the Kingpin who killed her father - and steal his organization out from under him.

She wants revenge and glory. SHE WANTS POWER AT ALL COSTS.

She is not a “hero,” but if kickass women with no moral center are your thing, you’ll love this show.

Marvel’s thing is to EMPOWER WOMEN and that would be fine, except they empower all the worst women they can create, at the expense of the men whose fan loyalty made Marvel a global sensation.

None of the Marvel women are warm, none are loving, none care about humanity.

All just hate men and resent us for holding them back.

That’s what’s at the center of every M-SHE-U production.

And that’s why men can’t connect or relate to them.


Though I did find the show better than all the other Marvel dreck that’s come out in the past 4 years, I couldn’t really get into Echo’s story either.

Identity politics is why:

I’m not a woman, I’m not deaf, I’m not one-legged, I’m not an Indian — and I’m not MAD AT THE WORLD.

I’m just an average guy who wants to be entertained.

This is where Disney ALWAYS gets it wrong!

All of the other characters were more relatable than Echo — because they had some CHARACTER.

THEY WERE LIKEABLE, even the bad guys.

Disney and other areas of Hollywood are going broke on introducing you to people who are different than you.

They need to remember that what we have in common is what brings us to the box office.