BIDEN is not America Last, he’s America NOT AT ALL!

January 19th, 2021 is the last time I felt like my government was working FOR ME.

Since Biden took office there has been a concerted effort across every level of government to implement procedures, laws and mandates that leave Americans with the sense that no one in this administration cares about us or our issues, and that is NOT what an historically free country should feel like.

As gas prices reach record highs, heating and air conditioning costs soar and our neighborhoods are flooded with unvaccinated unverified illegals, Biden and his puppets ignore it, make excuses and sometimes even laugh it off. There’s no end in sight to the crises that we are facing…

From the unaddressed border invasion to the Taliban/Afghanistan disaster to the Supply Chain shortages to the intentional energy crisis to implementing programs to make our children racist— everything Biden has done has deliberately weakened this great nation, and it leaves only America First patriots like you and me to fight this battle.

This is especially taxing on me and those like me; single, one-income moms who have to buy groceries, heat homes, and buy gas to drive to work and school. Biden’s energy crisis isn't good for anyone, but it is especially nefarious to those who did not vote for him: Conservative Republicans.

We have every right to feel CHEATED by this president, because even if he did somehow win legally (which he didn’t, he COULDN’T HAVE!), he clearly is not the man to do the job.

He doesn't even want to.

Biden PROMISED to end Covid first thing if elected but instead he has manufactured a secondary Covid crisis that requires workers to be vaccinated or lose their jobs! Just think: all the brave doctors, nurses, EMTs and other healthcare workers who gave their all last year when there was no vaccine are not being put out of work because they value their FREEDOM FIRST!

An AMERICAN president would respect that.

Instead, his vaccine mandates have turned into a war on freedom itself, to the point where he’s even trying to turn freedom-lovers into a targeted class.

And now he even wants to end private banking and turn all our hard-earned cash over to the federal banking system! In other words, when the Democrats are done we won’t own our bodies, our children or even own our own money anymore!





Anti-Woke Pundit :-)

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Byl Holte

Byl Holte

Anti-Woke Pundit :-)

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