Excuse me fellow Patriot, but did you know that Joe Biden really once said that:

“No amendment to the constitution is absolute”?

Well, he did. It was about a year ago and he was talking about our glorious 2nd Amendment, but honestly he could have been talking about any part of the Constitution because ever since he came into office, HE’S IGNORED EVERY PART OF IT! So when Joe says no amendment is absolute, warning bells go off and red flags start waving in front of my eyes,


In fact, the only thing more frightening than Biden’s UTTER DISRESPECT for our founding documents is his clear and dangerous cognitive decline — which the liberal media that shut down the Hunter Biden laptop story are completely SILENT about.

The media are silent about it.

The Pentagon are silent about it.

The voters are silent about it.

The GOP are silent about it.


Now, in 2022 it doesn't mean anything when a Republican says he’s FED UP with this administration, because at this point they’ve done literally nothing to end it.

That’s why I AM AN INDEPENDENT and I’m speaking truth to power here!

To show you how I would speak for AMERICA in Congress, I’ve come up with a list of questions I would ask Biden at a Congressional hearing — and I would not relent until these questions are answered:

1 — Why did you end OIL PRODUCTION in this country?

2 — Why did you open THE SOUTHERN BORDER during a national pandemic?

3 — Why have you allowed your own border states to suffer the effects of that decision?

4 — Why are you not addressing CRIME in cities run by Democrats?

5 — Why did you EXTEND the pandemic rather than END it as you promised?

6 — Where is the money supposed to come from to take care of all these ILLEGALS AND REFUGEES?

7 — Will you undergo diagnostic tests and procedures to determine if you are cognitively fit to be President?

This is how I would represent the American people in office; the way ALL REPUBLICAN OFFICIALS should be doing right now! The wolf is not just at the door, he’s in our house and eating our CHILDREN (with masking, CRT, and underage sexual instruction) and our WOMEN (with Trans ideology and hate-language) — AND HE MUST BE STOPPED!

If Republicans are too in the bag with Democrats to stop the stealing of America, it’s up to us TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS to right the ship.



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